Our Adventure


“Hey babe, can you make your good coffee please”

Well it all started, the day I met my significant other, she was all about her multiple cups of coffee each and every morning.  I could not drink coffee without bouncing off the walls as I was already full of energy the minute I would wake up to lights out.  

As with everything, I have a crafty side, especially with my Micro Beers. Well…it soon started with coffee back several years ago when I decided to start searching all over the web one morning for those small batch coffee roasters.  The fresh coffee I ordered weekly kept arriving and soon the Dunkin Donuts with Coconut Creamer diminished little by little in our household.

A year went by and I decided to start researching and looking into how coffee is developed for all of our personal enjoyment.  I had first the farm to cup attitude as it was just starting to take off, but the most important factor for me at the time was how I can learn it well enough to share great roasted coffee with others.

Being an outdoor enthusiasts and cyclist, I wanted to combine a brand with my passion.  Coffee Roasting was something I had in mind shortly after I purchased my first home roaster setup.  1-2 years of planning and playing around with different names, GEAR GRINDERZ COFFEE was established.

Building relationships with sourcing partners that focus on Direct trade-Fair trade, local businesses, and building the brand within the community... then led to the starting phases of creating an online store. 

We are here now offering fresh small batch coffee with an large emphasis on building the relationship directly with the farmer in each origin to sustain and contribute to their lifestyle of decreasing poverty and building and bettering their way of life with their family, town, and technology 

Don’t ever hesitate to drop us a line, meet us for an outdoor adventure, let us make your next event extra special with our coffee catering services, or recommendations and or brew methods needed to enjoy your coffee to the best of its flavor.  And remember, we will always “Make it right” for each and everyone one of you!